Our History

IdaStone is rich in family tradition as we have gathered for meals around the table, great and small.   The desire to provide others with all the tools needed to prepare meals for family and friends comes from the love of our family uniting in the “gathering place”, the heart of our home–the kitchen.  For years, our family has provided meals prepared with love.  For as far back as we can remember from grandma, ma and then Ida Ruth, an aunt who fed a countless number of nieces, nephews, cousins and community children through quick meals made with love from the warmth of the kitchen and more importantly from the heart.  “Stone” signifies the strength and fortitude which exude from each of the women of our past as they worked hard to prepare meals for their family.  Thus, IdaStone was created.  IdaStone brings quality and competitively priced small kitchen appliances, gadgets and accessories to ease the meal prep process.

3 Reasons to Shop with Us:

  1. Small Family-Based
  2. USA Products/Quality Reliable Products
  3. Philanthropic Support